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Myralyn Stewart Miller

Myralyn Stewart Miller, CEO and President of the Stewart Miller Communication Institute for Excellence, is a speech pathologist, educator and entrepreneur. Myralyn Miller received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French Liberal Arts and a Master of Arts degree in Speech Pathology with a minor in Linguistics. Extensive studies were in the areas of supervision, administration, leadership, speech pathology and accent reduction.

Myralyn Miller is an ASHA certified and licensed speech pathologist who works extensively with children, youths and adults addressing communication disorders and dysphagia. She has conducted numerous workshops and in-services for parents, staff, peers, educators and administrators relative to speech and language development, vocal abuse behaviors, accent reduction programs and swallowing issues.

As an entrepreneur, Myralyn Miller offered continuing education programs as a Florida provider for healthcare professionals. In her free time, she develops speech therapy games, activities and products. Beginning summer 2005, she will offer intensive camp programs focusing on "Fast ForWord," social interactions, etiquette skills, speech improvement, language learning and accent enhancement. Myralyn served as board advisor for the Port Gibson Mental Health Center in Mississippi and is an International Advisory Board Member of the Professional Woman Network.


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